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Our dedication to quality and ethical products has caught the attention of major news outlets and retailers worldwide. HOWND has been featured in various renowned publications, and our products have received glowing reviews from pet lovers and experts alike. Join the growing community of pet owners who trust and rely on HOWND for their beloved furry friends.

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Whole Foods Market

Selected natural pet care from HOWND is now available to purchase at Whole Foods Market in the US.



HOWND launches nutritionally complete superfood for dogs backed by well known vet, Marc Abraham.

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Food Tech 500

HOWND secured 219th position in the Food Tech 500 for Plant Based, Nutritionally Complete Superfood chosen out of 2,100 applicants from over 67 countries.

Food Tech Challengers

HOWND was chosen in its category from over 400 entries from across the globe with its complete plant powered superfood for dogs meat alternative.

Plant Based News

HOWND launches the world's first ready made porridge for dogs, made with fresh blueberries, coconut, chia & oats.

GB News

GB News

Jo Amit, co-founder of HOWND joined by Andrew Knight, Winchester University speak to GB News' Liam Halligan about how dogs can thrive on plant-based dog food.

my london

My London

Read about Rafferty's walk in the park wearing HOWND's Butch Leather Natural cologne for man dogs.

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Pet Trade Xtra

Jo Amit, co-founder of HOWND, joins the discussion on whether dogs can safely be fed a fully vegan diet and thrive.

Pet Business World News

Hownd first to launch silicone free detangler and natural ear cleaner is unveiled at Crufts.

The Dog Vine

As the world embraces all things plant-based, it’s no surprise that vegan dog food is becoming more mainstream. 

Vegan Trade Journal

Plant powered wet & dry superfood for dogs is launched in the UK and overseas.

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The Lady

How can you and your pooch be more eco friendly? HOWND shares 5 ways you can be planet-kind.

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Just Be Kind

Corn free and soya free wet & dry superfood flavours are launched.