The Ultimate Pack List for Travelling with your Dog

It's time to pack for those holidays, woohoo! Whether you have travelled with your furry best friend before, or it’s their first time on the road, remembering everything to pack everything can be daunting; so here’s our our guide on what to take on your travels.

Dog Bed
Although most pooches will happily sleep on the floor with no questions asked, bringing along their bed or a mat will help them get plenty of comfy zzz’s in.

Food & Water Bowls
Lightweight and stackable, our food and water Antibacterial
are perfect for getaways. They come in 5 colours and small or large size, so you can choose to suit your taste.

Favourite Toy
To help your dog feel safe and entertained, make sure to pack their favourite toy! This will keep them entertained during the journey.

Why not take some HOWND treats with you when you travel? Our Keep Calm Hemp Wellness Treats with camomile will help relax your pooch during the journey.

Travel Crate or Seat Belt
To ensure cosy and secure travels, make sure your furry best friend is safe in their travel crate or wearing their doggy seat belt.

No one likes bad hair days, so make sure to take a brush to comb out those tangles and get rid of any loose hairs. For even more help to tame the mane, have you tried our new detangler?

Lead and Harness
You don’t want to be leave the house without your pup’s lead (and harness if they use one). We’ve been caught out a few times which has lead to some innovation…we’ll leave that story for later! Even take a spare set.

Sometimes, especially in the UK, rain and mud can get a dog’s coat a little messy, so bringing a towel with you is a must to wipe off those mucky paws.

Antibacterial Wipes
If like us, you like to have something on hand when your pup rolls in stinky stuff, you will love HOWND Emergency Dog Wipes. Each pack contains 5 jumbo size, alcohol and paraben free wipes.

Dry Shampoo
Our Foam Wash Natural Dry Shampoo is perfect for on the go. No fuss, no mess and no water required! If you are travelling on a plane, simply put into a 100ml container.

Skin, Nose & Paw Balm with SPF
Fast absorbing with all year round natural sun screen protection, HOWND Paw Balm is great for sunny days or protecting paw pads on hot pavements.

Dont Forget 'EU Travel Approved' Dog Food
Travelling to Europe? We've got you sorted. The EU allows entry of up to 2kg of dry pet food as long as it does not contain meat or dairy. Be prepared and take HOWND nutritionally complete Plant Powered Superfood (2kg). It's super tasty, super healthy and fully EU compliant. No meat, no dairy, no problems!

Dog Waste Bags
And lastly, you definitely don’t want to forget to bring those handy poop bags! We recommend using biodegradable ones.

If you're going to the EU with your dog, read all about the EU pet food restrictions so you cross the border smoothly with peace of mind. If you're going on a UK staycation, why not check out some of the properties over at Canine Cottages?

We hope our line-up of travel essentials helped you get prepared to set off with your fur babies. Staycation or travelling abroad, your pup will love being pampered with all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free certified products. Why not tag us in your holiday pics using hashtag #HappyHownder? Safe travels!


HOWND creates products that help keep dogs happy and healthy for life, while encouraging others to live a planet-kind, cruelty-free lifestyle. We believe the world would be a better place if more people embraced the power of plants.

Our products are kind to our precious planet and the animals that inhabit it. That’s why dogs and their humans love HOWND.

We are convinced that dogs can thrive without compromising the welfare of other animals. Since day one, HOWND pet care has been certified by Cruelty-Free International and is accredited by The Vegetarian (Vegan) Society, PETA Cruelty-Free and The Ethical Company Organisation.

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