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HOWND is proud to support London-based dog rescue charity All Dogs Matter. For every online sale, we donate 50p of our profit to All Dogs Matter (registered charity no. 1132883 ) – a fabulous charity which helps rescue and rehome dogs in and around Greater London.

All Dogs Matter


HOWND is proud to support Animals Asia. Founded in 1998, Animals Asia promotes compassion and respect for all animals and works to bring about long-term change. We work to end the barbaric bear bile trade, which sees over 10,000 bears kept on bile farms in China, and, according to official figures, about 1,200 suffering the same fate in Vietnam.

Animals Asia


PupAid is a campaign to end the UK’s cruel puppy farming industry, and presented No. 10 with an e- petition which collected over 110,000 signatures asking for a ban on puppies and kittens sold without their mothers present.

Pup Aid

NOWZAD rescues animals in peril in Afghanistan. An Afghan animal’s life is not one of comfort at the best of times; hunting for scraps of food or hiding from the hot sun during the summer and the freezing cold of an Afghan winter night. There is definitely no pampered pet status in Afghanistan. NOWZAD makes a difference ‘One Animal at a Time.’


Lucys Law

At HOWND we have proudly supported PupAid from the beginning and are deeply grateful to TV vet Marc Abraham and his tenacious team for shaking up an abhorrent side of the pet industry that the rest of us never get to see. Why? Because puppy farm cruelty happens behind closed doors, in dark barns and metal cages, right across our animal loving nation.

But it’s all about to change for the better. Pet shops and dealers in England will soon be banned from selling puppies and kittens under new government plans to ban 3rd party puppy sales. Lucy’s Law and PupAid founder Marc Abraham is now campaigning to end the appalling puppy farming industry in Wales and Scotland, too.

Lucy’s Law Memorabilia Rosette

So be part of history and own a limited-edition Lucy’s Law Rosette in memory of heroine Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lucy. Rehomed by Lisa Garner after being rescued from a life of misery and neglect on a Welsh puppy farm, Lucy’s story is helping to change the world for dogs.

As worn by Plum Pudding at 10 Downing Street!
(Credit: The Mirror)

Buy a Lucy’s Law Rosette

Please show your support and post a photo on social media of your dog with their new rosette, and even a sign supporting #LucysLaw. Please use the hashtags if you can: #pupaid #wheresmum #adopt.

Net proceeds go to PupAid to enable the Lucy’s Law team to continue to change the law across the UK. It’s time to end the suffering and abuse of our four-legged best friends. Thank you for your support.

Find out more about Lucy’s Law

Against animal cruelty

Did you know? 34% of old world monkeys are still imported from non-EU countries. France, Germany and the UK are the biggest users of monkeys, in that order.


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