Since Brexit, when travelling to the EU from the UK, travellers cannot bring in any meat or dairy products, and that includes pet food. This means any dogs travelling with you to the EU may be without food if you try to bring in pet food that contains meat or dairy. Border control will simply confiscate it. The European Commission states: “Personal goods containing meat, milk or their products brought into the EU continue to present a real threat to animal health throughout the Union…pathogens could be introduced into the EU if personal goods containing meat, milk or their by-products are sent by post or carried in the baggage of travellers arriving from countries outside the EU”

HOWND® solution: 2kg Plant Powered Dry Superfood with Hemp Protein & Moringa. The EU allows entry of up to 2kg of dry pet food if it does not contain meat or milk products. HOWND Dry Superfood does not contain any meat or dairy product since our Plant Powered Superfood with Hemp Protein and Moringa is made with 100% Vegan Ingredients (meaning no dairy or meat). With delicious sweet potato, squash, green beans, culinary herbs, fruit extracts along with the hemp and moringa, our nutritionally complete dry superfood is delicious and enjoyed by thousands of dogs worldwide. 

You never know how long it may be until you can find food for your fur baby 

HOWND Superfood is a meat alternative that allows you to tide your dog over until you can purchase their current food at your final destination, or even fully transition from meat to a tasty nutritionally complete plant-based diet. When preparing for a trip to the EU, HOWND Co-Founder Jo Amit recommends dog parents purchase our 2kg bag of Plant Powered Dry Superfood with Hemp Protein and Moringa to gradually transition their dog from its current food 2 weeks ahead of travel - 4 weeks for raw feeders. During the transition period only, the dog’s stools may be slightly looser than usual and more frequent, and this is 100% normal. A 60g Superfood sample pack is also available.


HOWND creates products that help keep dogs happy and healthy for life, while encouraging others to live a planet-kind, cruelty-free lifestyle. We believe the world would be a better place if more people embraced the power of plants.

Our products are kind to our precious planet and the animals that inhabit it. That’s why dogs and their humans love HOWND.

We are convinced that dogs can thrive without compromising the welfare of other animals. Since day one, HOWND pet care has been certified by Cruelty-Free International and is accredited by The Vegetarian (Vegan) Society, PETA Cruelty-Free and The Ethical Company Organisation.

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