Can Vegan Dogs Live Longer?

Can Vegan dogs live longer? New studies reveal the answer is yes. New research has emerged which supports the notion that dogs fed a purely nutritionally balanced vegan diet can indeed live longer.

Following on from the largest study of its kind by Knight et al. (2022), where it was concluded that from a statistically significant sample of 2,536 dogs fed vegan or meat-based diets for at least a year, vegan diets were the healthiest and least hazardous for dogs, novel research has found similar results.

Vegan dogs live longer

Dodd et al. (2022) analysed data from 1,189 dog owners, of which 357 had been fed vegan food exclusively for at least 3 years overall. The researchers found that vegan dogs had better health including less issues with their vision, digestive and liver conditions. Not only did vegan dogs have better health overall, but also they were found to live 1.5 years longer than non-vegan dogs. The study indicated that on average, dogs given plant based food lived up to the age of 14.1 years compared to dogs eating meat diets who largely lived up to 12.6 years.

Vegan dog poo is less smelly

Davies (2022) examined results from 100 dogs who had recently been fed only nutritionally complete vegan dog food. After 3-12 months, there were noticeable positive impacts on dog's itchiness, their coats were glossier and they had less dandruff and ear canal issues. Improvements in their mood were also noticed as aggressive behaviour and anxiety diminished. Whilst eating vegan dog food, owners reported less smelly stools and better stool frequency.

On the recently aired Channel 5 program titled 'Britain’s Dog Poo Scandal', Alexis Conran and vet Arielle Griffiths both claimed that vegan dog poo was in fact better smelling than the meat eater dog poo.

vet Arielle Griffiths and Alexis Conran

Vet Arielle Griffiths and Alexis Conran

Growing movement in favour of plant-based

The number of studies examining plant-based dog food is growing rapidly, and there are now eight studies or veterinary masters theses exploring vegan dog food and its effects on health. Seven of these studies endorse vegan dog food. Semp (2014) and Keimer (2019) noted that vegan dog food had improved health outcomes for dogs as opposed to conventional diets.

Brown et al. (2009) conducted a study on sprint-racing Siberian huskies and concluded that the dogs were just as healthy as meat eating dogs. Only one study claims that vegan dog food is less beneficial for dogs; in the study by Yamada et al. (1987), 8 dogs were made to run four hours daily at 12km/h for two weeks, followed by six weeks of rest. The vegan dogs developed anaemia and had less free cholesterol. However, it must be noted that the sample size for this study was very small.

As the evidence advocating plant-based diets for dogs grows, Veterinary Professor Andrew Knight, University of Winchester comments that veterinarian dietary recommendations should be evidence -based.

Thousands of dogs are now enjoying HOWND superfood. Check out the video below to see Arielle Griffiths' dog, Ruff, tucking into his nutritionally complete plant-based meal!

How do I start feeding plant-based food to my dog?

When deciding to incorporate vegan dog food into your dog's diet, it's important to do so gradually over the space of two weeks. Gentle transitions are much more comfortable for your dog's digestive system. We recommend mixing your current dog food with a small portion of HOWND Superfood at first, and increasing the amount given every few days whilst reducing the amount of food they were having before. Abruptly switching your dog's food can cause digestive upset so it's essential to avoid sudden changes, as it can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, or refusal to eat. 

Will my dog be happy eating vegan dog food?

Absolutely! Studies such as Knight (2021) have shown that dogs are just as happy eating a plant based food and they won't be missing out on any essential nutrients with HOWND Superfood. Both HOWND Wet & Dry dog food contain plant based Taurine, which is an amino acid that has been found to boost longevity in animals. 


HOWND creates products that help keep dogs happy and healthy for life, while encouraging others to live a planet-kind, cruelty-free lifestyle. We believe the world would be a better place if more people embraced the power of plants.

Our products are kind to our precious planet and the animals that inhabit it. That’s why dogs and their humans love HOWND.

We are convinced that dogs can thrive without compromising the welfare of other animals. Since day one, HOWND pet care has been certified by Cruelty-Free International and is accredited by The Vegetarian (Vegan) Society, PETA Cruelty-Free and The Ethical Company Organisation.

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