8 Animal Welfare Charities Making A Difference

animal welfare charities

This International Charity Day, we wanted to highlight some charities that strive to help animals in need. These non-profit organisations selflessly aim to bring change and save many animals all year round. So here’s a round up of some pawesome charities who are dedicated to improving the lives of our voiceless companions. 

all dogs matter

1. All Dogs Matter was founded by Ira Moss and actor Peter Egan and is a charity based in London. They aim to improve the lives of dogs through rescuing and rehoming. They never say no to a dog in need and take in dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. They also do school visits to educate children on animal welfare. 

surge sanctuary

2. The Surge Sanctuary was founded in 2020 by a group of friends including Ed Winters, more commonly known as Earthling Ed, a vegan educator. The sanctuary is located in the midlands in the UK and hosts 100 rescued animals, including pigs, cows, sheep and chickens. Surge Sanctuary’s mission is to provide a safe home for all its inhabitants.   

animal rising

3. Animal Rising is a collaborative organisation that utilizes pacific civil disobedience to bring change to the current livestock situation. The mass movement aims to halt animal suffering and even improve the climate change situation in the process. They are anti-speciesism and are focused on bringing system change.

animals asia

4. Animals Asia is a charity dedicated to improving animal welfare including dogs and bears which have been rescued from the meat trade in China and Vietnam. Animals Asia was founded by Jill Robinson MBE in 1998 and their head office is located in Hong Kong.

cadela carlota

5. Cadela Carlota is a no-kill shelter based in Lagos, Portugal and has been around since 2008. They are focused on dog adoption and giving dogs the loving homes that they deserve.

miracles mission

6. Miracle’s Mission is a UK charity that aim to provide aid to animals in need across the globe. They work to provide education on the importance of neutering and taking proper care of animals. They also focus on rescuing and rehabilitating disabled, sick and injured animals.

islay dog rescue

7. Islay Dog Rescue – Since 2011, this Scotland based charity run by a small volunteer team have been rehoming dogs destined for death row. They aim to give a new lease of life to dogs by treating their conditions and rehoming them. 


8. Nowzad got its name after the charity’s founder, former Royal Marine Pen Farthing, came across a dog in Afghanistan and called it Nowzad after the region it was found in. The charity helps dogs in need that have been affected by wars worldwide and are now focusing efforts on Ukraine.

What all these charities have in common is they are committed to giving exploited or unwanted animals a new, happy and healthy life. These non-profits support the ethical treatment of animals and through their work and education, can improve the lives of these sentient beings and humans. Please consider donating or get in contact with them to see how else you can support.


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