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Guaranteed to resist the growth of over 99% of MRSA and E.Coli bacteria, the HERO Bowl is undoubtedly the world’s most hygienic germ-busting dog food and water bowl.
Made with scientifically proven smart silver ion technology for guaranteed triple protection
The germ-busting HERO Bowl is an antimicrobial dog food and water bowl, and is guaranteed to resist the growth of over 99% of MRSA and E.Coli bacteria, as well as microbes including common bacteria, mould and fungi.

Made with built-in smart silver ion technology, the HERO Bowl gives unparalleled 24-hour antimicrobial protection and is the most hygienic dog bowl on the market.
The HERO is the ideal solution for health-conscious pet owners, raw feeders, grooming salons, vet surgeries, kennels and any place where cross contamination could occur.
Small - 18cm/ 7.08in, 450ml/ 1.90 US cups
Large - 23cm/ 9.05in, 1.0l/ 4.23 US cups
The Tech Bit
Did you know that 67% of bowls coming out of the dishwasher still have Salmonella present on their surfaces*? If a surface isn’t continuously resistant to bacteria, the germs continue to thrive and multiply. The smart silver ion tech in the HERO Bowl – as used in many NHS applications and Dyson hand dryers – eliminates the build-up of microbes which start multiplying from the moment you finish washing it by hand or in the dishwasher. While washing cleans the surface of your bowl temporarily, the HERO Bowl prevents the bacteria from coming back! (*According to the NSF - National Sanitation Foundation)
See the HERO Bowl in action
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I wash my dog bowl every day, so why do I need an antimicrobial product?

A1: Bacteria will continue to thrive rapidly as soon as your bowl comes out of the wash. The HERO Bowl has 24-hour protection from a technology that works constantly to reduce microbes by over 99% on the protected surface. It will still require cleaning but in between washing, microbes will not be able to grow and fester.

Q2: Why is the Hero Bowl better than stainless steel, ceramic and other bowls that don’t use silver ion technology?

A2: Your HERO Bowl will stay fresher for longer. Unlike an unprotected bowl, the risk of microbial cross contamination from the HERO Bowl is actively reduced because BioCote® smart technology continues to prevent the growth of bacteria 24/7, perfectly complementing your current cleaning regime.

Q3: Will my HERO Bowl really offer antimicrobial protection for 25 years?

A3: Yes. Biocote technology is proven to last for 25 years. Analysis certificates are available upon request.

Q4: How do I order these for my store?

A4: Simply register as retailer or groomer, and you can order the bowls in cases of 4.

Q5: What material is the HERO Bowl made from?

A5: Recyclable Polypropylene.

Q6: What sizes are available?

A6: Small (S) 18cm / 7.08 inch (450 ML / 1.90 US Cups) and Large (L) 23 cm / 9.05 inch (1.0 Litres/ 4.23 US Cups).

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