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Jo Amit from Hownd joined by Liam Halligan, GB News

Jo Amit, HOWND with Liam Halligan, GB News

The question of whether dogs can live happily and healthily on a primarily plant-based diet is one which is on many dog owners minds. Although traditional meat based diets for dogs have been the norm in the past, now more than ever, people are looking towards meat alternatives for their canine companion's diet for many reasons including weight control, allergens and for ethical reasons.

New research by Andrew Knight and colleagues proposes that a plant based diet could be beneficial for many health factors in dogs including allergies and joint health. In the recently published study, the researchers found that nutritionally complete vegan dog food can be healthier than feeding your dog a meat based diet. The researchers also found that dogs enjoy eating vegan dog food just as much as meat based dog food when they analysed behaviour at meal times.

Watch as Jo Amit, co-founder of HOWND joined by Andrew Knight, Winchester University speak to GB News' Liam Halligan about how dogs can thrive on plant-based dog food.

Magi is Jo's rescue pup who had many health issues including allergies before eating HOWND Hypoallergenic Plant-based Superfood. She now gobbles up HOWND Superfood daily and her itching has significantly reduced. 

Jo Amit, HOWND with Andrew Knight, Winchester University and Magi the rescue (Jo's fur baby)