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Did you know? Research by Cruelty Free International and the Dr Hadwen Trust suggests that at least 115 million animals may be used in experiments worldwide each year.

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Welcome to HOWND, the natural pet care brand for happy dogs. Certified by Cruelty Free International, our range of grooming products are specifically designed for dogs of all breeds, from puppyhood to golden oldies! Using healthy and healing essential oils, our products contain pH balanced formulas that are kind to the skin and coat, leaving dogs smelling great, looking wonderful and feeling happy.


Led by a team of animal loving professionals – Mark Hirschel and Jo Amit – HOWND is a UK manufacturer of cruelty-free dog grooming products – all of which make your best friend look, feel and smell amazing. Employing UK perfumers and essential oil experts, we make gorgeous conditioning shampoos, body mists, perfumes, skin balms and wipes for dogs of different ages.


So whether you’re a professional dog groomer, or just a dog lover who wants to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy, HOWND is the pet care brand for you.


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