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Jo Amit was invited to attend the launch of Lucy’s Law at the Houses of Parliament.  When introduced, Lucy’s Law will prevent puppies being sold by pet shops and other third-party dealers that have been supplied by puppy farms.

Last December’s high-profile event saw MP’s from across the political spectrum united in supporting an immediate ban to stop the cruel practice of puppy farming.

Campaigning Vet, Marc Abraham, the founder of Pupaid, has worked tirelessly to bring an end to the cruel practice of puppy farming and the introduction of Lucy’s Law is the culmination of a lot of hard work.

Lucy’s Law is named after a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that was rescued – after being deemed worthless and left to die by a breeder. Jo and Mark have been staunch supporters of Pupaid since its inception, and last year made a short film to promote the adoption of rescue dogs and raise awareness of #AdoptDontShop campaign against puppy farming:

“It is great news that Marc Abraham’s determination to put an end to puppy farming once and for all is paying off, and the public is more aware now than ever about not purchasing a puppy without its mum being present. Not only are the puppies from these farms in poor health, the breeding bitches themselves are more often than not neglected by the breeders, while kept far from the public’s eye. We are very proud to have supported PupAid’s campaign from the start. What a huge relief to know that once introduced, Lucy’s Law will end the suffering of tens of thousands of puppies, mums and breeding males each year”, says Jo of HOWND.

A Mirror newspaper campaign, spearheaded by dog-loving journalist Andrew Penmann has helped raise the profile of the campaign and has gathered support for the introduction of Lucy’s Law from all over the world.  Numerous articles by Andrew have highlighted the plight of mums and pups trapped in puppy farms.

“With support from the press, high profile politicians, including the Prime Minister and leading politicians we hope that Lucy’s Law will become law very soon. Let this be the beginning of a worldwide ban on puppy farming and a return to responsible dog breeding”, says Jo.


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