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Keeping a dog fit and healthy is so much more than just regular exercise. Ferguson may be a short haired Border Collie but he can sure shed a coat and is regularly putting his nose into places he shouldn’t, which can cause it to become dry and scratched.  Read the full story on Phat Cupcake blog… or keep reading below.

We have been using paw butters for the last six months or so to keep him in tip top condition and, most recently, we have been trying out the Hemp By Hownd option.

Hownd is a multi award winning pet company who make natural pet care products to keep our pooches happy. Their Hemp by Hownd Skin, Nose and Paw Balm is ethically sourced using vegan ingredients. The unscented, fast absorbing balm is designed to keep your dog’s paws moisturised during the colder months, when they can become dry and split. This definitely a balm consistency, over a butter. It is solid yet melts when warmed in the hands, similar to a human lip balm.

Just like human skin, these doggies need their skin looking after too! All the ice and grit on the paths can cut their delicate feet and this really helps to prevent that from happening. I rub a little on his nose if it is feeling particularly dry, and I can continue to use it when the warmer months start to come back (I can only dream!) as it also has an SPF.

Ferguson had an accident in the park over the weekend where his harness managed to loop around a branch, causing him to try and bolt. The shock and the tugging on the harness as he tried to get away, has caused a graze under one of his front legs and a few scratches at the bottom of his leg. As soon as we got home I rubbed a little of this into his wound. The shea butter and candelilla wax has helped to nourish his skin and, the fact this is unscented, means he has not tried to lick the spots at all.

A tub costs just £10 and I will be making sure I stock up so we are never without it. He is worth it.


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