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Like people, a dog’s health care needs can change significantly as it gets older. Older dogs tend to be more sensitive physically and emotionally than younger dogs; which means they need a little extra care when it comes to grooming and hygiene.

How to approach grooming senior dogs

As dogs get older, they tend to be less active than in their youth. Reduced mobility can cause joints to become stiff and muscles to weaken. Grooming your best friend can therefore be more challenging – but we have some tried and tested suggestions to keep our four-legged OAPs feeling their best.

To begin your dog’s grooming routine, brush the fur first to gently remove any knots with a rubber brush. (Harder brushes or slickers may scratch and irritate an older dog’s sensitive skin.) After detangling, lift or help your dog gently into the bath, to avoid straining its joints. Senior dogs can be very unsteady on their feet in the bath,  so we recommend using a slip mat, so they don’t slip around and fall.

Set the water is at a perfect warm temperature. If they get too cold, this will make them shiver, which causes them to be uncomfortable and unhappy. If it’s too hot, you are putting your dog at risk of burning their skin.

Use a quality specialist shampoo

When washing your dog we suggest you use HOWND Golden Oldies Conditioning Shampoo. Available in 250ml bottles and certified by Cruelty Free International, it is specially formulated for our older canine companions. The Golden Oldies formula will help lock in moisture and protect your dog’s coat from pollutants. Thanks to a blend of vitamin E and provitamin B5, this rich conditioning shampoo will restore volume and shine to dull ageing coats, and neutralise strong odours. Golden Oldies also help relieve dry flakey skin as well as reduce shedding and scratching, which is common in senior dogs.

This pH-balanced formula contains wheat protein, oatmeal, argan oil and aloe vera leaf juice, which together keeps a dog’s skin and coat nourished. So washing your dog’s coat with Golden Oldies a deep clean whilst being super sensitive to the skin.

After washing and rinsing, gently towel dry your dog as much to get rid of any excess water. Then clean your dog’s sensitive areas, such as their eyes and ears, gently with a cotton wool ball dipped in warm water.

Now it’s time to dry your dog’s fur. Using a hair dryer on a low setting, be careful not to linger on any area for too long to avoid skin burn. After you have dried your dog, give them another brush through, and then give a blast with a cool dryer to be sure you haven’t missed any wet parts.

After you have washed and groomed your dog, it’s time to give them a treat and lots of attention for good behaviour. You could even give them a spritz of HOWND Golden Oldies Body Mist – which will absorb any odours and provide a long lasting fragrance. A real pamper treat for being your loyal companion for all these years!

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